Screws Reviews!

We’re like well funny blad init, but don’t take our word for it, look to these important people who know their shiz…

The best hour of my life – Jameela Jamil (Radio 1)
Four guys, a lot of wigs and a brilliant soundtrack: this is the sketch show to end all sketch shows. The Four Screws are full of energy, whimsy and disturbingly accurate impersonations of pop cult celebrities, and their charisma and camaraderie engages the audience from the second they jump into the spotlight. You will be hard-pressed to find another comedy troupe at the Fringe who can make an audience feel quite so in on the joke, and yet so pleasantly surprised. A laugh-a-minute sketch show with heart, hilarity and brilliant imagination
– ThreeWeeks 2014
The high energy routines, ridiculous costumes and constant laughs don’t let up for the entire hour… hilarious. – The List
The fabulous four are back… fast-paced, energetic, hilarious sketch show skills… this original, explosive comedy and music show is unpretentious and extremely funny.
The boys work effortlessly well with one another, showing off their impressive vocal talents and topical humor. Constant laughs throughout, with a standing ovation from the audience at the end. 4 fabulous stars – Mumble Comedy
Very funny… sketches of the highest quality… impossible not to be impressed… intelligent and skilfully executed. There is an ever-louder buzz developing around Four Screws Loose – The Telegraph
This is a show that is hard to fault…the funniest thing seen at the Fringe this year – DarkChat
‘The insanely talented Four Screws Loose quartet bring a hilarious evening of singing, dancing and plenty of audience participation. Beginning with a Les Misérables spin-off in a battle of the supermarkets, the boys use singing and physicality throughout the performance to great effect. The ‘sponsored by iTunes’ sketches are pure genius, leaving the audience gagging for more. The intimate venue is put to good use by the boys as they encourage audience volunteers to become part of their crazy world…We were laughing from the minute they bounded onto stage and stayed with them through to the very end. The only fault in this show is that I was laughing so hard I found myself missing some of their immensely fast paced quips. There isn’t a moment of rest for these crazily talented singing, dancing mad men.’ – Fresh Fringe FM
‘These four talented boys combine pop music, singing, rubber faces and traditional sketches with such charm that it’s impossible not to be swept along in their enthusiasm. From the opening sketch, you realise that Four Screws Loose is a cut above other sketch shows on the fringe. Not only can they write songs but they can really sing. Clever rhymes and witty observations keep the hit rate pleasingly high. The odd sketch will always be a miss, but cheeky grins, quick transitions and the promise of a good gag around the corner means they’ll always get away with it… there’s little not to love. The audience were on their feet in Assembly’s circus tent and left with grins from ear to ear. These four are going to go far, so see them in a small theatre whilst you’ve got the chance.’ – Broadway World
‘The boy band of comedy… Music is the fuel that fires this turbo-charged show, either as pastiche of existing songs or as an audio slice‘n’dice of pop’s greatest hits.
Two stand-out routines in the sketch-show format tick either box. An extended opening skit, in which the soundtrack to Les Miserables becomes a pinpoint skewering of supermarket culture, sets the barrier high; later, a Bond movie plot, spliced together from tiny clips of everything from Take That’s Rule The World to Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name, throws a spotlight on all the 007 cliches… Leaves other comedy troupes sucking up their exhaust fumes.’ – The Herald
‘The comedy equivalent of drinking twelve shots of espresso while listening to a souped up happy hardcore megamix on a strobe-lit fairground ride.
From the minute the Four Screws Loose team stride out of a cloud of dry ice clapping along to the music and exhorting the audience to join in, you have two choices. One is to be swept along by their energy and over-caffeinated enthusiasm, the other is… er, actually, to be fair there’s only one choice. It’s virtually impossible not to jump on board. It’s witty, strange and extremely well done. The vocal talents on display don’t disappoint either. The whole thing is as smooth and polished as Daniel Craig’s chest. The rousing, fun, fast-paced and energetic performance is one of the most invigorating shows you’re likely to encounter.’ – Chortle
‘The foursome shows some intelligent and brilliant writing… An amazing show with great sketches and some wonderful vocals. 
There are some very strong sketches here with a darkly funny insight into the foursome’s depraved minds (there is a art sketch that I’m sure they will never live down). The crowd loved them and there wasn’t a moment in the show that the audience didn’t follow the guys.’ – The New Current
‘Ferociously funny sketches that had me crying with laughter during this brilliant show. Guaranteed to leave you gagging for more, this is a melting pot of pure comedy gold; from the hilarious musical opener right through to the climax, the eclectic mix of material, excellent staging and the four performers’ great chemistry combine to make a perfect, must-see Fringe show. I’m certain that this comedy troupe will be pleasing crowds for a long time.’ – ThreeWeeks 2012
‘There’s comedy, there’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s painting, there’s audience interaction and there’s even a mankiki! #screwtheworld has been seriously well-prepared and well thought-out, entertaining the audience with every sketch… This was a high-energy show and even the more subdued scenes had the audience laughing hard.’ – Scotsgay
This fast paced, quick-fire sketch show has the audience rolling in the aisles. It’s fresh, funny, frantic and fairly feminine too. Since 2010, Four Screws Loose has met much audience and critical acclaim. Quite rightly too, as they are all immensely talented. They can act, sing, dance and perform comedy with great ease. There is no weak link in the cast. All the cast are immensely watchable and bursting with a confidence that is charismatic rather than cocky. Their singing is equally impressive with some great musical vocal harmonies and arrangements. I was also impressed with the audience interaction within sketches. The cast worked the audience well and had them in the palm of their hands…Four Screws Loose could be the next huge thing. Watch them.’ – BroadwayBaby 2012
‘Great comic timing, commitment to silliness, and an overall sense of fun. I recall being handed [a flyer] by one of the cast as I was sitting in the Assembly garden, with a promise that the show is “better than a turd”. And it certainly was.’ – Fringe Guru
‘A stroke of total brilliance… the material is strong and cleverly thought out…genuinely funny’ *RECOMMENDED SHOW* – Fringe Review
‘Four Screws Loose will leave you giggling, gasping in incredulity and gagging for more…if you like your comedy irreverent, outrageous and unpredictable then you are in for a treat’ – Kingston Guardian
‘Flat out hilarity… The lyrics are spot on, and delivered in a near perfect harmony rarely found in comedy groups… They’re certainly not an act to miss, with over the top flourishes that add a certain Python-esque feel to the humour… Head to a show, you won’t regret it.’ – Entwist
‘Four Screws Loose present a number of high-energy, original and impressive skits, many of which take a fresh look at pop culture and turn the hugely mundane into the highly amusing.’ – Informed Edinburgh
‘A big word-of-mouth, underground hit at the Edinburgh Fringe. They’re very talented performers, with a real eye for modern day frustrations’ – TimeOut
‘This show is hilarious… really, this is sketch comedy how it should be done – Go and see it!’ – ThreeWeeks 2011
‘These four comics bounce off one another, whipping through stacks of character-led sketches with a headspinningly quick turnaround time… it’s fast-paced, filthy, silly and loads of fun… Go See!’ – The Skinny
‘This group dares go where others won’t. A rattlebag of comic treats… Fantastic!’ –
‘A massive crowd-pleaser… solid hit after solid hit… simply brilliant’ – British Comedy Guide
‘Master-classes in character comedy…Four Screws Loose have a sharp, energetic and rude show with cranked up characters having a ball. This fast, fun, wonderfully silly show is part of the free fringe – get down there if you can squeeze in!’ – Remote Goat
One of the funniest comedy shows I have ever seen. At more than one point I had to clear away a tear of laughter – Youth Review
‘Scandalous… It’s Saturday Night Live but at the Fringe!’ – ThreeWeeks 2010