Screw Are We?

Four Screws Loose (New Act of the Year finalists) are officially the tallest (not to mention the sexiest) sketch comedy group on the circuit! The Power Rangers of all things funny, each screw comes in their own colour, combining their comedy superpowers to combat the evils of the world with laughter. (Did you follow that slightly obscure metaphor? We didn’t…).
Having performed in prestigious comedy venues from London to Edinburgh (via – naturally – Yeovil) and alongside top acts such as Ardal O’Hanlon, Patrick Kielty, Alex Zane, Frisky and Mannish, Boy With Tape on his Face (yadi, yada…) we’ve certainly got around.
Here’s your chance to find out a bit more about the chaps that make up our merry quartet of comedy…

Richard (The Black Screw)
Richard is our Jew Screw (well you’ve gotta have a Jew somewhere in comedy, that’s the only reason he’s in the group). He looks vaguely ethnic and could be from anywhere… just like Richard’s mum’s milkman. You may also recognise him from being that guy from the Moonpig advert – feel free to shout the jingle at him. He will hate it. Richard does a lot of writing for the group, mainly because he is unemployed a lot and too lazy to be a doctor like his mum wanted. He is often mistaken for a terrorist and/or Borat, sometimes at the same time.
If Richard could be any animal he would be a Velociraptor, as he would get the street cred he’s never had.
Joseph (The Purple Screw)
Bristol born and bred, Joseph likes his coffee strong and his cider stronger.  The other Screws bully Joseph for having such a small nose, and he feels unlucky to have found himself in a group of such abnormally large-nosed individuals. However, what he lacks in nose length, he makes up for in belly-button depth.  Joseph is infamous for having a ridiculous laugh; somewhere between an angry goose and a horny sea lion, it was once featured as part on an Internet viral for Skype. Laugh at him laughing right here.
If Joseph were an animal he would be a lion, because he’s bored of being a vegetarian and thinks gazelles look pretty tasty.
Thom (The Blue Screw)
Thom is the tallest member of the group… (Yes! Eat that Richard!) and probably the loosest. Thom has honed the ability to act mainly with the use of his massive eyebrows over the years. Bracting… Yes, he did just think that up. And yes, it’s staying. Thom enjoys cameo-ing in most sketches, mainly as he is amazingly shocking at learning lines. So come watch the show to see if he remembers anything… Anything at all! He’s also mastered the ability of puppetry with his penis… ask him in a public place to show you.
If Thom could be any animal, he would be an Elephant. As an ‘Elephant Never Forgets’… Brilliant.
Conan (The Red Screw)
Conan was born without a beard. He has spent the past 23 years struggling to grow a beard and when he finally had one worth showing to the public he stepped outside only to have it blown off by a mild easterly wind. However don’t worry beard fans, this set back is only temporary as a new, improved beard is well on it’s way. Conan is also billed as the “short, fat Screw”… He disagrees with this description wholeheartedly. Ask him if he’d rather live in a world without beer or pizza… it’ll consume his brain.
If Conan were an animal he would be a Billy Goat… They have natural beards.