Just Been Screwed?

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39 Responses to Just Been Screwed?

  1. fantastic show. Loved it! Long time since I’ve laughed so much. 55 minutes of hard exercise for your abs! maybe come and see it again …. definitely a fan;)

  2. fantastic show found it by accident but was so enjoyable was one of my highlights especially enjoyed the casualty itunes sketch would be good to get a video of that on here

  3. Such a funny show! My favourite show at the Edinburgh Fringe :)

  4. A fantastic show,loved every minute as did the rest of the packed audiences. Gutted I won’t get screwed again this week, five times is just not enough! Get yourselves on tour and then you can really start screwing around.

  5. Laughed well hard, best sketch show I’ve seen all fringe. Sorry I’m so poor and couldn’t pay you guys more.

  6. EPIC!!

    Definitely on my list of things to screw, sorry, do again.

  7. Saw your opening show in Croydon on Friday – really really enjoyed it, haven’t laughed like that for a while! Hope you have a brilliant run. :D S.x

  8. Hi Guys
    Yesterday 5pm show
    Fantastic, original & hilarious!!
    Sorry about touching Conan’s ass I could not help it!!
    Everybody I know, knows about you now……….
    Don’t ever Stop!!

  9. Saw tonights show at the warehouse…and it was the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life :’) best bit was richard accidently knocking his hat off and then was like “stop laughing at me” haahahah :P thanks for a brilliant show :D xx

  10. Such fun!!!!! Great night out and hilarious!

  11. Saw the show last night at The Quicksilver, and thought it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!! I cannot wait to see your pilot :D Thank you very, very much for a fantastic night!

  12. Great show last night at Books-for-free! Absolute genius! Thanks heaps for visiting!

  13. Donna Osmond

    Amazing , amazing , amazing , so funny , whitty , clever , entertaining , just did not want it to end . God you boys are so talented , congratulations and good luck for the next part of your journey together xxxxx

  14. Brilliant night, Thanks Guys!!! You Guys are Amazing, I’m sure you will go far!!! xx

  15. Fantastic! Thanks for a brilliant performance guys! Hope all goes well for you in Edinburgh :D

  16. Charles Bennett

    Thanks for a fantastic time tonight, had so much fun :) You should come Leicester way some time – I know it would be a great crowd :) x

  17. Thanks guys for a brilliant show last night. Loved it, especially the boy band. Look forward to seeing you down here again soon.

  18. Brilliant night last night guys,So original love you,Its so great to see people laughing
    Everyone had a great night,Thamkyou for asking Lil and Phyl.Cant wait to see you next time. xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Caught you guys at Latitude yesterday in the Cabaret tent …the best laugh I have had in ages …I was the one in my wellies at the back.

  20. Really Enjoyed the show At Latitude festival, one of my highlights for sure, not laughed so hard in ages! Big fan x

  21. sandra bennett

    Loved your show at latitude. had tears streaming with laughing so much. loved the titanic sketch. look forward to seeing you guys again in the future. xx

  22. I saw you yesterday afternoon at the fringe. I have seen about 20 shows this week and while there were many good shows, yours was my favorite by far. I loved it, you have a fan for life, i’ll come see you every year at the fringe if your there. You made me laugh so hard i cried, and i will never be able to see titanic again without thinking about your sketch. :)

  23. Would love to book you for our village hall in Portmahomack if you ever decide to do a Highland Tour please let me know part of the PAN Highland promoters group have already fed back how good you were at the festival I’ve never laughed so much….all the best in your TV dreams but think the live stuff is brilliant

  24. You are amazeballs. Haven’t laughed so much in a long time. My boyfriend had never seen Titanic (and never wants to!) so he was grateful to now have an excuse not to watch it with me….so thanks guys ;-) Hopefully catch you around soon, we’ve spread the word about how hilarious you are. In a good way of course. Keep up the good work!

  25. Stumbled into your show at Bestival just as Peach decided to have an affair with Sonic and didn’t stop laughing until the end! Absolutely quality! Will spread the name. Hope you see you performing somewhere near london soon.

  26. Terry Dolzyc

    Such a Fantastic show a defo must see.

  27. Holly Youngs

    Saw you guys yesterday at Norwich as part of lord mayors absolutely loved it!! Hilarious . especially the boy band and titanic part :) FABULOUS. Hope I can see you guys perform again soon

  28. Awesome show guys – in every way. Seriously funny, you kept the laughter going for the entire show. This is not easy and Fringe audiences are not pushovers either so you have one of those rare, totally successful shows – talent, outrageous fun, clever, brilliant voices and some ( tasteful) nudity. I will approach Viking helmets with caution in future but I’ll never forget being screwed……Neva.

  29. Loved the show this year -hope you tour it!!

  30. it was so good, I went to see it twice!

  31. This was my first time at the fringe, and I think I lucked out! I saw you Sunday afternoon and laughed until I cried. James Bond sponsored by itunes, the Disney approach to life, the choir and conductor, I could go on, but I am busy hunting around for clips of other routines you have done and telling everybody I know how brilliant you were. Hope to catch you again soon – you guys are so talented!

  32. Allan Taylor

    Saw them in Bristol on Sunday for the first time and they were brilliant. Fantastic sketches, great voices it was just a blast and tears of laughter were streaming from the off. They are so much better than some of the rubbish on TV currently! Don’t miss them if they come near you.

  33. Wow. What high-energy fun. Great songs, sharp lyrics and brilliant sketches – these lads will go far. Physical comedy with intellectual depth. What’s more they’re a very nice bunch of blokes too.

  34. I got screwed at the Edinburgh Festival and it was such fun that I screwed again at The St James Theatre in London…thinking of going to Yeovil for the hat-trick! can you ever screw enough? – just askin’ :) way to go fellas! in fact quite a long way to go to Adelaide! :) they will love you there! Ali x

  35. Any dates for 2014 guys?

  36. Good luck in Aus lads.

  37. Awesome show last night at the Fringe. Had us in stitches from start to finish. Hope you guys come back again next year.

    Seeya Then

  38. Jessica Worden

    Four screws loose was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, an hour of hardcore entertainment, laughter, musical outbursts and nudity! Saw these guys at Adelaide Fringe and would highly recommend other people going to see it. It’s hilarious how they break new boundaries and commit themselves to the scene! WELL DONE BOYS!

  39. Always a brilliant well put on show laugh from start to finish, always the 1st show I book at the ed fringe and def the funniest keep it up lads

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